Luxury Boarding

Luxury Boarding

(Luxury Boarding includes three walks a day, food, water, bed, TV, internet access for you to check on your pet while away on vacation, and TLC from our kennel tech. Special treats will be given to your pet in the morning and evening. Available soon, you will also receive a picture e-mail from your pet!)


Luxury Cat Boarding


Playtime package includes a 15 minute playtime with a staff member in our inside or outside playground (or climb time for your cat).

For Boarding all pets must be current on vaccinations and heartworm prevention. This is necessary to prevent the spread of infections and disease. In addition all pets must be free from internal and external parasites. Your pet must have had a fecal and dewormer within the last year. If your pet has not met these requirements proper tests and treatments will be administered with standard rates applied.